Asbestos Awareness Course

Asbestos Awareness Training

Location: Online learning done at home

If you come into contact with asbestos containing materials (ACMs), this training programme will teach you to be safer in the workplace and prove to potential employers your commitment to furthering your own personal development.

Since The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 came into action, it’s become a requirement for all employees, and people who knowingly disturb AMCs, to hold a Asbestos Awareness Certificate.

This training is aimed at people with trades such as Plumbers, Welders, Carpenters, Electricians, Roofers, Scaffolders, Demolition and Maintenance workers and is ideal for self-employed professionals as well as jobseekers.

CSCS Card Course


Duration: 1-7 days, depending on programme

If you’re planning to work on a building site in the UK, by law you need to be in possession of a valid CSCS Card.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Labourer, Forklift Driver, Pipefitter or even a site cleaner, if you work on a site, you need to be obtaining a card in order to find work.

The types of CSCS Card workshops we offer vary by each learning centre.

Sage Bookkeeping Course

Sage Bookkeeping Course

Location: Online learning done at home

We offer a Sage Bookkeeping course, which is the ideal starting point for someone interested in a Management Accounting or Finance role within a business.

The Sage Bookkeeping Stage 1 course covers the basic bookkeeping skills, double entry, understanding VAT, VAT returns and producing management reports. The test is not included in our Employment Pathway package.

Barista Making Coffee

Basic Food Hygiene Certificate

Location: Online learning done at home

Hoping for a career in catering, hospitality or care? Employers often look to see if applicants have an up-to-date Food Hygiene certificate when they’re recruiting for a role.

The course will make you understand the importance of food hygiene in the workplace and provide the learner with the knowledge required to prepare food safely.

A Food Hygiene certificate will give you the edge over anyone applying for the same role. It will also good on your CV because it proves that you’re enthusiastic about working in the industry and committed to your own personal development.

HGV Driver

Digital Tachograph Card

All trained long (or short) distance drivers require a Digital Tachograph Card to work in the UK or EU.

Since 1st May 2006, all commercial vehicles have needed to be fitted with a card to ensure that drivers and employers follow the rules.

Even if you already hold a CPC, PCV or HGV licence, it’s a legal requirement that the lorry, truck, van or 4×4 is fitted with a driver card.

When you’re eligible, in2wrk will cover the cost of your application and help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

Provisional Driving Licence

Provisional Driving Licence / Theory Test

Being able to drive is a huge advantage when it comes to finding work. More and more employers asking for a full UK Driving Licence as a minimum requirement for a job.

Also, if you’re keen on becoming self sufficient and not reliant on public transport, you need to be able to drive.

Let us help by paying for either your Provisional Driving Licence or the Theory Test.